Your immune system is your body's evolved weapon for defending itself against micro-pathogens, such as with Lyme disease. Your immune system may not be able to completely eliminate Lyme but it is your body's first line of defense.

Where Lyme attacks

Lyme is a tricky little disease that almost has no equal. Lets go over how and where Lyme attacks your system and the effects of Lyme.


ScienceDaily (June 16, 2011) — The bacteria that cause Lyme disease, one of the most important emerging diseases in the United States, appear to hide out in the lymph nodes, triggering a significant immune response, but one that is not strong enough to rout the infection, report researchers at the University of California.

"Overall, these findings suggest that B. burgdorferi hinder the immune system from generating a response that is fully functional and that can persist and protect after repeat infections," Baumgarth said. "Thus, the study might explain why people living in endemic areas can be repeatedly infected with these disease-causing spirochetes."

Lymes hides in your lymph nodes

When the lymphatic system becomes sluggish our tissues become congested. Organ function is impaired and our health suffers.


The UC Davis study Swollen lymph nodes, or lymphadenopathy, is one of the hallmarks of Lyme disease, although it has been unclear why this occurs or how it affects the course of the disease. The UC Davis research team set out to explore in mice the mechanisms that cause the enlarged lymph nodes and to determine the nature of the resulting immune response.

They found that when mice were infected with B. burgdorferi, these live spirochetes accumulated in the animals' lymph nodes. The lymph nodes responded with a strong, rapid accumulation of B cells, white blood cells that produce antibodies to fight infections. Also, the presence of B. burgdorferi caused the destruction of the distinct architecture of the lymph node that usually helps it to function normally.

While B cells accumulated in large numbers and made some specific antibodies against B. burgdorferi, they did not form "germinal centers," structures that are needed for the generation of highly functional and long-lived antibody responses.

"Overall, these findings suggest that B. burgdorferi hinder the immune system from generating a response that is fully functional and that can persist and protect after repeat infections," Baumgarth said. "Thus, the study might explain why people living in endemic areas can be repeatedly infected with these disease-causing spirochetes."

So if Lyme hides in your Lymph Nodes what Herbs aide the Lymphatic system?

ANSWER: SMOOTHIES. The enzymes and acids in fruit are powerful lymph cleansers. Drink them on an empty stomach for best digestion and maximum lymph-cleansing benefits. Most fruits are in your blood stream in 17 seconds if they are in a liquid form.

Herbs for your Lymph Nodes:

wild indigo root tea.

Some say astragalus isn't good for chronic Lyme patients I have found that in my individual case not to be true; Astragalus is awesome for night sweats and Candida. I also never take anywhere near the daily amount of herbs. I take 20-30 herbs so I don't need anymore than a pinch of each tops. I would say what I take in a month is closer to the daily amount of any particular herb. Just a hint is all ya need if you take herbs daily. Most people don't take 10-30 herbs in a powder form per day either. Do you need to take every herb on the planet for Lymph nodes…NO should you at some point take a few YES should you try them all probably I have taken astrag, licorice and Echinacea together in my smoothies with a host of other herbs like Chlorella and Spirulina the only symptom I had was success. LYME also attacks your Gut.

That's called candida ….Candida in some cases is worse then Lyme .

Candida and Lyme

When it comes to Lyme disease 9 out of 10 times if not 10 out of 10 times antibiotics are prescribed. Usually for a duration of 30 days. If the Lyme Disease returns then usually 9 times out of 10 the doctor will prescribe MORE antibiotic treatment and for a greater amount of time. What happens to our body when we receive a large dose of antibiotics for a period of over 30 days continuously?

Well its not good for starters and it ends with Candida. What is Candida you ask? Well if you have Lyme Disease you probably suffer from Candida.
How does one get Candida?
The reason that antibiotics cause so many problems is they kill the healthy bacteria in our gut, and our healthy bacteria are needed to protect us from many problems. Once you've destroyed your healthy bacteria with antibiotics, numerous problems can take hold. The most common problem to take hold is candida overgrowth, and candida overgrowth can be at the root of numerous health conditions.

In fact, candida overgrowth can be at the bottom of headaches, acne, eczema, PMS, athlete's foot, cancer, allergies, depression, chronic fatigue, vision problems, sinus problems, ear problems, rashes, hormonal imbalances, yeast infections, migraines, mood swings, symptoms of MS, irritable bowel symptom, constipation, poor memory, chronic pain, acid reflux and more.

These can be simply disease names for problems caused by an overabundance of the candida yeast in the body. Candida overgrowth often causes different problems in different people, and it can lodge and nest in different areas of different people's bodies.

Candida overgrowth is often initially caused by antibiotics that wipe out our healthy bacteria, because those healthy bacteria are meant to keep candida in small proportions in the first place.
High sugar and simple carbohydrate diets feed the overgrowth until it grows to large proportions and eventually shows itself as various problems. Problems with candida overgrowth can occur years, even decades, after antibiotics were taken and the length of time it'll take to see those problems can be largely dependent on dietary habits.

Most people who believe in the drug-oriented approach of mainstream medicine will then find themselves on numerous medications later in life, due to the fact that they've destroyed their first line of immune defense with antibiotic consumption.

In truth, antibiotics are one of the most commonly used drugs in the world - and they make enormous amounts of money for the medical establishment. Because antibiotics destroy the foundation of our immune system they create numerous problems, and for the medical establishment, they create customers - and profits - for life.
Let’s look at this again…. is this Lyme or is this Candida


  1. Cravings for alcohol
  2. Cravings for sweets and carbohydrates (bread/pasta)
  3. Bloating after meals
  4. Digestive problems/Chronic indigestion
  5. Rectal burning/Itching
  6. Weight gain
  7. Acne
  8. Athlete's foot
  9. Jock itch
  10. Ringworm
  11. Sensitivity to mold
  12. Hives/Rash
  13. Food sensitivity/Allergies
  14. Sleep irregularity
  15. Low energy
  16. Depression/Mood swings/Confusion
  17. Canker soars in mouth
  18. Soar throat
  19. Clogged sinuses
  20. Bad Breath
  21. Chronic loss of libido
  22. Premenstrual symptoms
  23. Vaginal discharge
  24. Vaginitis
  25. Soar breasts

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