"The bottom line is you can't cure Lyme disease but some have found that you can be Lyme symptom Free"

Great way to combat lyme disease.

Well as you probably know by now Lyme disease is not easy to treat and Lyme disease is a no-no when It comes to insurance companies and doctors care.

The first stage of treatment is 2-4 weeks with oral antibiotics for early Lyme disease will solve the problem. Most of the time Lyme disease is not recognized unless there is a EM (bulls eye rash) on the patient. Make no mistake I agree with antibiotic treatment in the early stages.

Growing standard that Lyme disease is widespread and treatment should be a minimum of 4-6 weeks of oral antibiotics for early Lyme and IV antibiotics for late stages of Lyme with treatment lasting 4-6 weeks followed by oral treatment of up to 1 year. The primary difference being that with the second frame of reference, physicians believe that Lyme disease should be treated aggressively and for a long period of time. This is especially true for late stage Lyme disease.

The problem is there is no such thing as Chronic Lyme Disease so insurance companies don't pay and your doctor can't treat you for Chronic Lyme Disease or they will be breaking the law.

People with Lyme disease have to find Lyme Literate Doctor who will treat the Lyme, but they can not usually involve insurance companies.
When you have Lyme disease and you take antibiotics you do feel better, but it feels like the Lyme is waiting right behind the door it doesn't feel like a cure it feels like you are just whistling through the grave yard waiting for them to come through the window.

Long term antibiotic treatment is not good for your health.

This is how One man battled his Lyme disease and now competes in long distance races and has even competed in TWO TRIATHLONS in one weekend

“This is not medical advice its just a success story”

I stumbled across Lyme success when I was actually on a juicing/smoothie diet.

I was taking antibiotics and I started putting my fruits and veggies in a blender and I forgot to take my antibiotics for ONE WEEK. I had no symptoms to remind me to take the pills.
I was taking 100mg per day for Lyme. I could not go more than 3 days without taking the meds to stop the side effects of the Lyme. I was taking the meds for over 8 months.

What I found during my 30 day Journal research

1.The human body was not designed to eat cooked food…….ever.
2. When we cook food we destroy the vitamins and minerals in the food and ALL of the enzymes.
3. When we digest any food in its raw form or cooked form we only receive 3% of the vitamins and minerals.
4. When we take the same fruits and vegetables and juice them we receive 97% of the vitamins and minerals.
5. Juicing tastes terrible. I could not juice long term.
6. Making smoothies instead of juicing taste great and you could add ingredients to      blenders that you could not ad into juicing machines.
7. The same results were accomplished with smoothies instead of juicing.
8. I added a combination of Herbs to my smoothies.
9. In 24 hours I saw the changes in my body and never returned to antibiotics.
10. Herbs and supplements are dead; they need a power source greater than themselves to activate them. That’s the fresh fruits and vegetables in a blender.
11. As long as I added life into my blender I could combine Chinese medicine, cellular communication, super foods, other supplements and protein powders with herbs and turbo boost my immune system.

The Result of my new diet

I discovered that the solutions to all medical, spiritual and environmental problems are basically the same.

  • Locate the source of the problem
  • Remove the problem
  • Heal the damage caused by the source of the problem
  • Protect the area(s) that the source of the problem attacks
  • Make sure the surrounding areas are alerted to the source of the problem
  • When the source of the problem returns it's defeated before it reaches its target.

How does that play out?

It’s no secret that the earth has every herb on the planet to cure our illnesses. The problem is finding the herb or combination of herbs and vitamins to cure your illness.

I found the combination of herbs and vitamins and minerals to stop the symptoms of Lyme disease. All you have to do is add a teaspoon of this to your daily smoothie.

The average daily diet will never give you the type of immune system that will fight off a common cold much less Chronic Lyme Disease.

All I had to do was find herbs that kill Lyme

So what is Lyme?  Lyme is a parasite that acts like a virus that seems to have a connection to mold….That seems to feed off of manganese and then gathers energy from glucose.

OK that’s not too difficult so that means I need to find herbs that kill or act like an antiviral, antifungal. antimicrobial, hell anti anything I need herbs to attack parasites or draw them out and then I need to kill them NOW that I have killed them I need to remove them from my body………NOW I have to heal the areas that the Lyme attacked and harmed……..NOW I have to protect the cells from another attack if I didn’t kill everything…..NOW  it would make sense  if I did this all together at the same time it would benefit me at all to kill one month then remove one month then heal for one month. If I did that the Lyme bugs I didn’t kill would come back and I would have their way with me because I am concentrating on removal or healing or protecting. If I only  did one treatment at a time that wouldn’t work. I need to do all of them at the same time daily!


So I needed to find a bundle of herbs that could do just that….. some herbs that kill some herbs that heal some herbs that protect etc etc etc.

Logically the next step I just needed to research where Lyme hides and I found out that’s the Lymphatic system which is the highway for the immune system. Then I had to figure out who is helping and who is taking the punishment for my Lyme disease. …The answer was my cells….. Then I had to figure out what do cells need to communicate with? The answer was sugar and protein. Cells communicate with sugar and protein.


If you use common sense and you listen to your body and you journal your diet you are more than half way home.

So my concept was if the Lyme hides out in my Lymph nodes which is basically my immune system and this is a game of cellular communication all I have to do is build my immune system up so well that nothing could flourish in my body.

That’s exactly what I did and it worked a thousand times better than anything the insurance companies refused to pay for, with all my friends going to the best LLMD and having no luck I figured the pharmaceutical world will always be there for me the drugs will always be there I have nothing to loose and from what I could see the medical community was abandoning Lyme patients. The people I knew with Lyme were excited to pick out the color of their wheel chair.   My doctor told me 30 days of 100mg of Doxycline 3 times a day and I will be cured. She was wrong but I wasn’t going to give her a second chance at being wrong again. First time shame on you second time shame on me. That was in 2009 that was the first and last time I ever spoke to a doctor about my lyme.

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